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Your cart is currently empty. Add to Cart translation missing: en. This book is filled with five-to-ten-minute exercises which she teaches to help reduce stress. What is mindfulness? Is mindfulness the same as meditation? What is the Little Book of Mindfulness? Who is Dr Patrizia Collard?

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Hugs - A Little Book of Comfort (for Cancer Patients)

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Call us at Monday to Friday, from — , or email theteam livebetterwith. Gerson's story is a tragic and important one. Having fled Nazi Germany, where he had been a leading doctor — well-known for his nutritional approaches to metabolic conditions such as lupus and diabetes — he was then prevented from practicing this approach against cancer.

Linus Pauling was described once by another Nobel prize winner, James Watson the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, as the intellectual equal of Newton and Einstein. In this book Linus Pauling describes the work he did with Dr. Ewan Cameron in a Scottish hospital.

The Little Book of Big Heroes

Cancer is an 'immortal cell' because it cannot kill itself, as normal cells do. Dermer was a hospital pathologist who worked on living cancer tissue straight out of the body. His results and conclusions tended to be diametrically opposed to those arrived at by 'cancer researchers' doing test tube work. This book is a critique of the entire business of cancer research.

In this book, and in his earlier one — You Can Fight For Your Life — LeShan focuses on the importance of dealing with the emotions — and argues that resolving emotional conflicts can, on their own, have immense healing benefits. Anne Frahm was weeks away from death from cancer.

7 Books to Read After Breast Cancer

She had everything her orthodox doctors could throw at her — including a bone marrow transplant. She then turned to the nutritional approaches and claims she was cured in 5 weeks. She went on to live another ten years mostly cancer free. This is not a book about cancer, but the story of how one patient who suffered a complete metabolic physical breakdown took his own treatment out of the hands of his doctors and how he cured himself. An important document in survivorship — a must-read. This is a thin volume but the thinking is massive but expressed with clarity and simplicity; each chapter is a monument to an idea.

This has long been one of my favorite texts. The Books of TV's Lost. Nine Booze-Soaked Books. Run, Zombies Ahead! Books for the Serious Jane Austen Fan. Recommending books so good, they'll keep you up past your bedtime. I've written over 40 published books — both non-fiction and fiction - and founded two charities for children with developmental disabilities. For further details of some of my current books go to Blacksmith Books or FightingCancer.

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The Little Book of Cancer The Little Book of Cancer
The Little Book of Cancer The Little Book of Cancer
The Little Book of Cancer The Little Book of Cancer
The Little Book of Cancer The Little Book of Cancer
The Little Book of Cancer The Little Book of Cancer
The Little Book of Cancer The Little Book of Cancer
The Little Book of Cancer The Little Book of Cancer
The Little Book of Cancer The Little Book of Cancer

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