The End Game (The Final Throw)

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Valkyrie & Okoye Swap Weapons

That was clever but it was just too big a set piece. So we went back to when Peter Quill was there. Thor recovers his hammer, Mjolnir, by taking it from an earlier timeline.

When you took Mjolnir, we accept that that movie happened. Because time is irrefutable. The Dark Elves would have arrived, intending to get the Aether. We also wrote a version for Maria Hill.

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How did Marvel feel when you told them you envisioned a massive battle royal with nearly every character from the franchise? We shot for days for two movies. When you have that many people, it invariably is, one line, one line, one line. How did you coordinate the moment where all the female Marvel heroes come together? Is that delightful or is it pandering? We went around and around on that. Ultimately we went, we like it too much. Marvel has been amassing this huge roster of characters.

Do we bring them back?


We already are assuming people have seen a lot of the movies. You would have to assume that they all got snapped away, or otherwise they might have shown up earlier. Could you have used any of the characters that Disney obtained from the Fox acquisition, like the X-Men or Fantastic Four? Why do you think these narratives are similar? But then we go, the fans are actually the majority of people who come to this.

Marvel Fans Hate the Weird Unfinished Professor Hulk In the 'Avengers: Endgame' Re-release

They have strange quirks. It is not another sequel. Great as it was. But it does seem like there is an acceptance of more complicated forms of storytelling. Where are you going to cut a half-hour? There was not a sequence you could cut.

Why does Natasha Romanoff have to die? But we lost a big character — a female character — how do we honor it? The biggest question about it is what Thor raises there on the dock. You bring her back, you lose the stone. Was there a possible outcome where Clint Barton sacrifices himself instead of her? Jen Underdahl, our visual effects producer, read an outline or draft where Hawkeye goes over. It was melodramatic to have him die and not get his family back. And Tony Stark has to die as well? If we had a good reason to not do it, certainly people would have entertained it.

They both get to their endpoints. In case you forgot, Peggy is a founding member of S. Even after being frozen and waking up in present day, Cap remained close to Peggy, mourned her death in Captain America: Civil War , and awkwardly made out with her granddaughter, Sharon Carter Emily VanCamp. That one moment was so powerful that it inspired Cap to stay in the past after they beat Thanos and he brought all the Infinity Stones back to the points in time in which they were stolen.

Peggy and Cap finally got their dance, got married, and lived a long, full life together. This outcome does, however, kind of undo the events of the Agent Carter series Of course, no Avengers story can be told without Loki, since he's been a part of every major event since he was introduced in 's The Avengers.

Hiddleston was everywhere in the past, but unfortunately the character is still dead by the time Endgame ends. Eagle-eyed MCU fans also got to see Jarvis once more! We see him in Endgame both as old Hank and digitally de-aged Hank when Cap goes back to the '70s to grab a few extra Pym Particles. She fought alongside her husband Hank and their daughter in the big third act battle scene, getting the family fighting together once more. This one was pretty easy for anyone watching the movie to spot, as Avengers: Endgame opened with what seemed like an idyllic, picturesque family moment.

The 27 biggest questions we have after seeing 'Avengers: Endgame'

Clint Barton, on house arrest after cutting a deal with the government as a result of the events of Captain America: Civil War which is why was M. His wife Laura Cardellini , first introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron , was preparing a homemade picnic for Clint and their three kids. Clint was mentoring their daughter Lila played by Ava Russo, daughter of co-director Joe Russo and niece of the other co-director Anthony Russo on archery not that she needed any help, did you see that bullseye? It was then that Clint's entire family got dusted. They were all returned to him by the end of Endgame but he had become someone much different in the five years since they disappeared.

Now that there are rumors of a developing Hawkeye series , fans think the MCU is going to make his daughter Lila a new version of Hawkeye, a la Kate Bishop from the Marvel comics. While everyone else at the funeral was standing with their specific hero groups and families, there was one young boy standing apart from them all. That was actually Harley Keener, the young boy from Iron Man 3 who helped Tony by giving him access to his garage to repair his armor when he was on the run and hurt.

Avengers Endgame The Final Battle

Plus, the same actor who played Harley in Iron Man 3 returned to play the role again for Endgame. So we have a very specific process with [the writers] where we spent months in a room just talking about a three-page outline. Literally, page one is act one, page two is act two, page three is act three.

A more malleable format to work in a short outline like that, spend your time talking about it and thinking it through. We knew fairly early on how this was gonna end. Comment Now!

The End Game (The Final Throw) The End Game (The Final Throw)
The End Game (The Final Throw) The End Game (The Final Throw)
The End Game (The Final Throw) The End Game (The Final Throw)
The End Game (The Final Throw) The End Game (The Final Throw)
The End Game (The Final Throw) The End Game (The Final Throw)
The End Game (The Final Throw) The End Game (The Final Throw)

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