The Dreamstone

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The Dreamstone

I hate it when this happens. I picked this up to read It's a fair book and a "sometimes" interesting read, but apparently not that memorable LOL. I didn't recall it till I started it, still, it wouldn't be fair to penalize the book solely because I'm getting older. The conflict is basically built around the Great Forest a mythica I hate it when this happens. The conflict is basically built around the Great Forest a mythical construct we see fairly often handed down from "our" mythical past and the incursion of humans.

It's handled pretty well I suppose. The internal conflict of mixed loyalties comes into play along with a very evil "bad-guy". I mean really, really evil I suspect the book will hold the interest of many and the story it tells can "tug" the heartstrings a bit if you let it. It's not a bad read I suppose , serious, emotional, somewhat hopeful if a bit, slow and somewhat "misty sounding". Not totally to my taste and I found much of it a bit boring, if you like it, enjoy.


View all 11 comments. May 03, Autumn rated it it was amazing. I read this when I want to sink into another reality for a little bit.

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It's complex enough that I don't get bored with it. I like the way the author uses the English language. She's a very competant writer, but I haven't found that her other books have had the poetry that this one does. I just upped my stars to four, because when I think about it, this is one of those books I move from house to house and re-read regularly. Jun 09, Eddie Davis rated it it was amazing.

A very good book, the writing style slows you down some, but is fascinating. The main character is Arafel, an Elven lady that is the last of her people.

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The book is her dealings with humans and how her aid changes the lives of several humans. The book has a good feel for Celtic legends of the Daoine Sidhe and you feel the loneliness Arafel feels in her immortal watch of the communities around her. It is a good read for anyone interested in Celtic tales about the Elves. Nov 07, Elaine rated it really liked it. Nov 20, Efreak rated it it was amazing Shelves: ebook , fantasy , favorites. If you're like me, the following passage briefly is enough to love this book.

I can't decide if I want more about of the gods of mankind in book 2. It could be amazing, but it could also be terrible. It's a C J Cherryh book, however, so I have high hopes for it however it goes. He dreamed of groves, vast trees; and of a hill. He rode the plain, tall and bearing the same pale stone on his breast—rode among others, with the blowing of horns and flourishing of banners. Arrows came down like silver sleet, and the sullen host before them fled, seeking the mountains, the dark places at the roots of the hills.

The Daoine Sidhe warred, and in the sky glittered the jeweled wings of dragons, serpent-shapes passing like storm in the blowing of horns and the clash of arms.

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Then were ages of peace, when the pale sun and green moon shone down without change, and harpers sang songs, beneath the pale, straight trees. Came bronze, and came iron, and some there were of the Sidhe who abided the killing of trees, small wights who burrowed in the earth close to Men; but the Daoine Sidhe hunted these, in bitter anger.

Yet the world had changed. The fading began, and the heart left them. One by one they fell to the affliction, departing beyond the gray edge of the world. They took no weapons with them; took not even the stones they had treasured—for it was the nature of the fading, that they lost interest in memory, and in dreams, and hung the stones to stay in rain and moonlight to console those still bound to the world. Most parted sadly, some in indirection, simply bewildered; and some in bitter renunciation, for wounded pride. He felt anger, a power which might have made the hills to quake—Liosliath, the stone whispered in his mind, and he drew breath as if he had not breathed in a long, long age, and looked up and outward, forcing shapes to declare themselves in the mist which had taken the world, trees and stones and the rush of wind and water.

Jul 16, Ryan Southworth rated it liked it. This was a surprise Half Price Books find, a shorter work by my favorite author, and straight fantasy of which I had yet to read by Cherryh. All of which made it a book I was excited to read. This cover does justice to the book and even relates a very distinct scene from the narrative sometimes I wonder if illustrators have even read the book their drawing for. I like it! In brief this is the story of Arafel, whose Faery land of Eald is the last holdout of Faery kind in the ancient British Isles. Mankind approaches everywhere and through fear and superstition — as well as her friend Lord Death — Ealdwood is kept safe from their incursions.

Arafel lives largely in a world apart, able to transition from her own Ealdwood — a beautiful, rich forest whose edges continually shrink due to Mankinds growth — to the Ealdwood of our own world, which is a tangled, dangerous place that men fear to go. The story follows a man named Niall and his descendents, whose lands lay next to Eald and whose lives come accidentally in contact with that of Arafel. This was…a weird book. If you're interested in any of my other book reviews, you can find them at www. I like Cherryh most when she does her ethnographic thing--submersing readers in a culture she's created down to the most minute detail but in very few words.

The world she creates here is primarily Celtic, though there's a lot of carryover from Morgaine's milieu. The story is multi-generational, but as ususal, Cherryh provides an immense I like Cherryh most when she does her ethnographic thing--submersing readers in a culture she's created down to the most minute detail but in very few words. The story is multi-generational, but as ususal, Cherryh provides an immense amount of detail and description in a very few pages, which is quite a talent.

The Dreamstone

She also throws out some amazing descriptions of the passage of time, an important concern in the novel, in a way that marks well the impermanence of men and all they do. A good book that's a cut above the usual fantasy stuff, even Cherryh's own. Mar 06, Ron rated it it was ok. This was a complete slog of a read for me. Throughout I felt like I was hovering over the text never fully engaging with it.

The writing style was similar to her Morgaine books, which I do enjoy, but this lacked the strong, intuiting characters those books had to draw me in. I was reading the Dreaming Tree omnibus, but given my lack of interest, l decided to bail out at the end of this first volume. Mar 10, William Leight rated it liked it.

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The Dreamstone

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It is implied the only reason they didn't suffer the same fate is because both Zordrak and the Noops had conveniently decided to use more pragmatic approaches shortly in. Horrible Judge of Character : The heroes seem to be perfectly convinced that all Urpneys, especially Frizz and Nug , are diabolical and loyal enforcers of evil. It never works since the heroes know they are harmless and can just as easily beat them into handing them back.

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Hot-Blooded : Sgt Blob and Wildit, a trait that doesn't seem inherent at all for either of their respective species. Amberley has shades of this Depending on the Writer. Humiliation Conga : Blob's men fall victim to a slapstick heavy one pretty much Once per Episode , either courtesy of the heroes, their own stupidity or fate alone. Urpgor is also prone to these, with even Zordrak getting the odd one as well. In general, if you take part in a villainous plan, you're a tall order Butt-Monkey. Humongous Mecha : "The Monster" is all about the hijinks that ensue when Blob, Frizz and Nug inadvertently resurrect a pile of scrap into a giant robot.

The Dreamstone The Dreamstone
The Dreamstone The Dreamstone
The Dreamstone The Dreamstone
The Dreamstone The Dreamstone
The Dreamstone The Dreamstone
The Dreamstone The Dreamstone
The Dreamstone The Dreamstone
The Dreamstone The Dreamstone
The Dreamstone

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