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Some folks get irritated when they give people something for free and those people then sell it. Jared August 13, , pm.

Actually its really easy to get rid of old paint. I did a website for a company click the link in my name that recycles old paint into new paint. Lisa August 14, , am. We have found some great deals on CL, most recently a flat screen tv and a dishwasher for less than half the cost of new. I really want to sell some things but I am concerned about safety. I am a little paranoid about strangers coming to my home.

Any advice on this? MMM August 14, , am. But for extra screening you could insist on an email response first, and call back only people who write well and leave you a real email address and local phone number to call them back at. In general, I think we are too fearful as a society. Bad encounters with strangers in situations are incredibly rare statistically. Driving is far more dangerous but we still do that without worrying, right? Horatio Spifflewicket July 16, , pm. In general, my wife does all the listing, and if it fits in my Honda Fit, the transaction happens outside not in!

That way I can just take the item to work with me and then make the trade on my way home. I have to drive past it anyway and it makes everyone more comfortable. For larger items, we only send the address by text, and then only within about a half hour of the transaction. Bakari August 14, , pm. For all but the most expensive things I sell, I just put the item outside in the driveway, and tell the buyer to drop money through the cat door.

In 5 years, only once has anyone taken something and failed to leave the money. Though this would keep you from having to open the door to strangers, I agree with MMM that its pretty unrealistic to think that someone is going to attack in that situation. James January 15, , pm. MMM January 16, , am. I have listed houses for sale on Craigslist in the past and even came close to selling one to a couple that came in that way.

Ideally, realtors would be made obsolete by technology Bob May 8, , pm. Trulia and Zillow are the incredibly free equivalents to Craigslist in the real estate world, and are going to increasingly loosen the Realtor stranglehold on the market. They are the ultimate in free tools for Mustachin home owners and would be home owners. Sarah July 13, , am.

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I recently found your blog and have been catching up on the old articles. This one makes me smile, because it is particularly timely. I work at a University, so I also cross post stuff on the FYI email list, which is how I sold my first item, a textbook I bought when I was in practice, but which I no longer ever use. Also, in addition to cash, I have accepted Paypal in the past. All you need is an email address and a verified account and you can deposit it directly into your bank account.

But usually I prefer cash. Jeff August 20, , pm.

How Craigslist Makes Money

I can find good deals and buy stuff just fine, but trying to sell things on craigslist is an experience I prefer less than gouging my own eyes out. Why is everyone on craigslist an idiot? Why do they ask me questions about something instead of reading the description? Why do so many of them never show up when they say they will? It works out the same financially, but I spend a lot less effort just dropping a ton of stuff off and getting a nice tax return at the end of the year.

Plus, in my house cash gets spent on random junk whereas a tax return goes toward investments. Money Mustache August 20, , pm. To help weed them out, I like to put skill-testing questions in my craigslist ad. Tami October 23, , pm. Thank you so much.

15 Ways You Can Use Craigslist to Make Money

Jenelle October 24, , pm. No joke!! I believe it was one of the first HDTVs. We picked it up at a very fancy house with a Lamborghini or equivalent out front. It was owned by a very sweet older couple who wanted to upgrade to a inch screen, and they had taken very good care of it. We had no idea what a score we had made!! It even came with the manual came in handy quite a bit over the years. Everyone loved watching TV or playing video games on the generous screen. I was sometimes to embarrassed by how it made us look so lavish that I would go into my speech about how it only cost us buckaroos.

We watched as our friends would brag about upgrading to a big inch for 5 TIMES as much as we paid for ours! They financed them no less, bragging about no interest for a year! Huh, ours probably cost what they paid just in interest.

Then we got pregnant last year. We live in a 1-bedroom apartment rental to live below our means until we can buy a house. Man did that make me happy, and it still does to this day every time I think about it. The TV is not name brand, but comes with a Samsung panel making it probably worth twice as much. This new TV will save us on electricity and it makes our tiny apartment look so much bigger!

AC April 1, , pm.

Income Streams

I never realized how useful the site could be in achieving a Mustachian Lifestyle. I had been scared off when a friend purchased a futon that was contaminated with bed bugs. He ended up spending several times the cost of a new futon in exterminator fees. AC April 4, , pm. Update: My garage is full of scrap lumber. One guy lived just a few blocks away.

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We loaded up his truck and now my garage is clean! It feels great to save money, prevent items from going into the landfill, and help out a neighbor. Craigslist is also great for young Entrepreneurs. My 13yo son started breeding his rabbits and selling bunnies on Craigslist. Tim July 24, , am. I really like craigslist too. I however wanted to pass along an alternative to selling. Be sure to keep a copy of the donation receipt. David G. McKenna August 30, , am.

How Does Craigslist Make $1 Billion a Year?

One other advantage of these services, is you can post and then repost and eventually someone may buy it. I just sold some stereo equipment, that took days to sell. I was storing it anyways, so there was no extra work to keep it that long but I did eventually make some money off of it. If someone buys before we move then great, in the mean time, we can continue to use the items.

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  6. Get Rich Craigslist Get Rich Craigslist
    Get Rich Craigslist Get Rich Craigslist
    Get Rich Craigslist Get Rich Craigslist
    Get Rich Craigslist Get Rich Craigslist
    Get Rich Craigslist Get Rich Craigslist

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