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Restore stained or faded leather


Help : Thanks in advance. How can I fix a turquoise and violet coloured shirt that faded when washed? I bought it and then I hand washed it. After it dried it faded from a few places and it looks really awkward. So what should I do now?

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There is also embroidery on the shirt. By sukhi from Vancouver. Do you like it in black color. I would dye it black unless u like to return it to the department store! Good Luck! The stain came out thankfully, but now there are a few faded spots. Is there a chemical or solution I can soak it in to even it out? By Christine from Houston, TX.

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I have a dark grey wool sweater that was left hanging on the handle of an exterior door and now is sun bleached. How can I get it back to grey? I have a blue tracksuit and its colour has faded in some spots only. Actually what happened was once I wanted to wash it so I put it in the washing machine, added some detergent and when I was going to switch on the machine, I found that electricity was not there.

So I left my clothing undisturbed till the light came on.

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After one or two hours when the light came back on I switched on the machine and washed my clothes, but after my tracksuit dried I found that it had faded at some spots. I was very disappointed. Please help. Leaving detergent in contact with fabric over time can cause a bleaching or fading effect. There is nothing you can do to repair the faded areas as the detergent removed the color. You can try to redye the clothes, however, the faded area will probably not take the dye as well as the rest of the fabric.

Am getting white shades in my pure black cotton jeans. It looks awkward when I wear them. I washed it so many times, but I couldn't get any positive results. By Gowri. From your description, it appears that your jeans are losing their black color in some areas. If so, further washing will only make the problem worse as the spots are not stains but lost dye areas. You can try a home dye product to redye your jeans, however, even if the pants take the dye, the white areas may still be lighter than the rest of the material.

I got a hoodie and some faded spots, and I wanna redye, can someone help me out?

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Khiet from Melbourne, Victoria. It works great and can be found in the laundry section. I have a green satin-like dress that has some sun damaged spots on it faded to a pale green-yellow. Is it fixable, and if not can I dye over it?

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Anne from Victoria. ThriftyFun is one of the longest running frugal living communities on the Internet. These are archives of older discussions. I wanted to know if there was a way to repair faded fabric. I washed my comforter and now there are faded spots.

How To Stain A Previously Stained Deck

Is there anything I can do to fix it? Once fabric is faded, it's faded.

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Chances are your comforter has a design so dyeing it is not an option, but even if it were a solid color it would be almost impossible to dye such a large item evenly. The duvet cover is a great idea. I have one that I bought a quarter of a century ago and still use it as my comforters over the years become old. And when not in use as a cover it doubles for a nice light weight sheet type blanket for taking naps on the sofa.

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Oh, and it still looks brand new. Quality duvet covers are expensive, but if you sew, you can use two inexpensive sheets and some buttons or Velcro to close the open end and make one. To whiten fabric that is dingy, soak overnight in powdered automatic dish washer detergent. It works good on white clothes or linens. By joann. Add to Page Ask a Question. Solutions Share on ThriftyFun This page contains the following solutions.

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By susan [8 Posts, 1, Comments]. By JoAnn Guest Post. How do I repair faded spots on silk? Tip 3: This happened to me with white t-shirts and dark blue shirts. Let it soak overnight and in the morning drain the water and run them thru the regular cycle of the washer. Some times I have had to soak them 3 or 4 times, but this does work… Marsha. Tip 4: I just had this happen to an entire load of laundry including brand new Christmas clothes. A mysterious red dye was all over everything. I soaked the clothes in warm water with a couple of scoops of Oxiclean overnight and ran the load through the wash cycle again with laundry detergent.

Too much finish can form an impermeable layer on the surface of the log, making it difficult for the logs to wick out the moisture. Log homes and cabins require routine maintenance, which includes re-staining.

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Faded Stains Faded Stains
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Faded Stains Faded Stains
Faded Stains Faded Stains
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Faded Stains

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